We have seen results first-hand with this treatment.


Our only mission is to help make it available to every DIPG child across the world

so that every child has the chance for life. 



10 Years Old ~ 8 Years Post Diagnosis

Taylor was diagnosed with DIPG 8 years ago. She has ONLY been following The Program's protocol with no other treatments since shortly after diagnosis. She was given 6 weeks to 9 months to live... 8 years ago. She is a happy little girl who is riding her bike, going to school, and enjoying the life doctors never gave her a chance to have.



4 Years Old ~ 2+ Years Post Diagnosis

Mikayla was diagnosed in December 2017. Her tumour was shrunk by 50% in volume 6 weeks post radiation. The tumour was stable at 3 and 6 month MRI scans. She commenced on TBL-12 7 months post-diagnosis. At the 9 month MRI scan, tumour dimension appeared to have reduced by 1mm - 10-15% reduction in tumour volume. Mikayla has remained well without any symptom or permanent disability. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.56.08 AM.pn


6 Years Old ~ 4 Years Post Diagnosis

Elyse has been on the Program for over 2 years, after being diagnosed in April 2016. Her tumor has shrunk by 15%, her vision is returning and she is back in school! She has had no radiation - only natural treatments. 


We will post more success stories as parents submit them to us.

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