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The Cancer Wellness Clinic relies on our donations to help the children in need. Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to where it's needed the most -

the research, the children's treatment, and to bring this Program to the world.

Any and all donations are graciously accepted.


DIPG Patients have reported tumor shrinkage using only this treatment. The first step in bringing this treatment to the world is validating these findings through two studies:


DIPG doesn't give anyone time, which is why we are rushing to get TBL-12 into the hands of the children that need it now. This will fund 20 children's product immediately so they don't have to wait another day for this life-saving treatment. 


Once it is clinically proven that the Treatment Program penetrates the Blood Brain Barrier and it kills DIPG Cancer cells, a Full Clinical Trial must be executed to bring this treatment to the world and to have medical backing. A Clinical Trial Protocol must be prepared by DIPG Oncologists to ensure the results are respected by the medical field.


Each DIPG Patient will cost $175,000 annually to treat. This includes a 6-week Program Treatment, Travel to and from the clinic, at-home supplement and treatment program, 1 year of follow-up care with doctors and specialists following the patient's progress. 


The Clinic will be upgraded from a 4-Star Resort to a fully functioning medical clinic. To provide a safe, sterile facility for DIPG Patients and their families, the Clinic will be outfitted with state of the art medical facilities. 

Milestones To Cross

Thank you to our donors:

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Platinum Donors

$1,000 or More

Gold Donors

$500 or More

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$100 or More



Preliminary Research

Your contribution helps pay for the treatment of a DIPG Child and gives hope to the family that one day, DIPG will no longer be as feared as it is today. 


Monthly Donation

A monthly contribution in any amount is appreciate and helps to continue to make this Program to available the children who desperately need it.


Sponsor a Room

Your $50,000 donation will sponsor a treatment room where a plaque will hang, acknowledging your generous contribution to ending this disease.