The Cancer Wellness Clinic is a revolutionary Treatment Program concentrating on providing DIPG Patients and their Families an opportunity to heal. For the first time in history, a Treatment for DIPG offers the patient the possibility for life extension with quality of life benefits, all with having zero side-effects, is non-toxic and is 100% non-invasive. 

The Research


The Cancer Wellness Clinic is currently conducting research on the main supplement of the Program, TBL-12. TBL-12 has already obtained Orphan Drug Designation by the US FDA for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma, and has been studied for its efficacy on many different cancers (Prostate, CervicalGastrointestinal) with very positive results. Now, studies are underway to prove its efficacy on DIPG Tumors, as well.  

The Clinic will be home to the Phase III Clinical Trials for TBL-12 and DIPG. Under guidance of a carefully selected team, findings from this Trial will be shared with the DIPG Research Community and used to change the prognosis of children throughout the world. 


 DIPG will no longer be the terrifying diagnosis it now is.